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  • 1.0.3
  • 0.1.2-beta protected   ## [0.1.2] - 01-22-2018 ### Added - The SON syntax now supports a 'block', ([blockname]) syntax which acts the same as a SON object, but can be visually more appealing to users. It also allows for compatibility with INI/Config and the NEK5000 PAR input formats. - A clang-format style standard and updated code accordingly - A SON2JSON routine and utility that allows conversion and validation of SON input to JSON. This allows for validated input use in Python. - HALITE attribute delimiter intrinsic variables for use in rendering the literal delimiter. ### Fixed - MVSC 2015 and Intel compile error involving _set_output_format in waspcore/Format.h
  • 0.1.1-beta protected   ## [0.1.1] - 10-22-2017 ### Added - HALITE configurable iterative delimiter emission capability that allows a delimiter to be emitted based on given iteration stide. - HALITEWorkflow convenience class. - Support for shared library builds on Windows - Substantial improvements in README documentation - Missing min/max functions to Expr/HALITE packages ### Changed - HIVE ChildUniqueness and NotExistsIn to be case-insensitive ### Fixed - An issue where HALITE indirect attribute substitution produced a parse error. - A compiler error when when compiling in a Qt project the 'emit' macro and the HALITE emit method collided. - An issue where Expr lexer's REAL token regex consumed part of the alternative boolean operator (7.gt.8=> 7.ERROR, instead of 7.gt.8=> 7 > 8) - A segfault when HALITE processes empty attribute
  • 0.1-Alpha protected   0.1 Alpha version of WASP that was released for use with NEAMS Workbench 1.0 Beta.