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  • 3.0.2
    ## [3.0.2] - 11-21-2022
    ### Fixed
     - Interpreter root and node_at to return null view for no nodes
     - WaspHit lexer for exclusive start condition newline capturing
     - WaspJson lexer for escaped backslash before last double quote
     - WaspServer capabilities to include full text document syncing
  • 3.0.1
    ## [3.0.1] - 9-27-2022
    ### Fixed
    - wasphit inability to use tabs as array value separators rather than spaces
  • 3.0.0
    ## [3.0.0] - 9-15-2022
    ### Changed
     - Updated NodeView constructor arguments to no longer reference a const interpreter - breaks backward compatibility
    ### Added
     - Various HIT updates to support integration directly into the MOOSE Framework replacing the existing parser
     - NodeView::set_data method to allow modification of leaf node data in HIT, DDI, EDDI, Halite, JSON, and SON
     - DISABLE_HIT_TYPE_PROMOTION configuration option that lets MOOSE turn off WASP's object name override logic
    ### Fixed
     - Error in HIT parser logic that could cause an infinite loop when shorthand-names are exploded into a hierarchy
  • 2.1.0
    ## [2.1.0] - 04-22-2022
    ### Added
     - HIT support for `!include filepath`
     - SON support for `import("filepath")
     - Approximately 30% memory performance improvement in TreeNodePool
     - NodeView Iterator class to enable SIREN/HIVE iterations involving nested interpreters (E.g., included/imported files)
  • 2.0.3
    ## [2.0.3] - 03-24-2022
    ### Fixed
     - Missing support for lookup values in HIVE ChildCountEqual validation rule
  • 2.0.2
    ## [2.0.2] - 03-01-2022
    ### Fixed
     - Missing installation of waspcore/location.hh
     - Remove requirement of 'code' parameter in LSP diagnostic processing because it should be optional
  • 2.0.1
    f8222d1f · Fix version ·
    ## [2.0.1] - 10-12-2021
    ### Fixed
     - Inheritance of template delimiters by imported sub-templates
  • 2.0.0
    ## [2.0.0] - 8-12-2021
    ### Changed 
     - Gtest dependence from TriBITS to vanilla version
     - Extra repository logic from TriBITS to Git submodule 
     - FlexLexer version from 2.5.37 to 2.6.4
     - GNU BISON version from 3.0.4 to 3.7.6
     - WASP Node type of INT to INTEGER (potentially break compatibility with 1.x if you using wasp::INT)
     - Refactored VII into more generic Extra Definition Driven Interpreter (EDDI) - breaks backward compatibility
     - EDDI input parser to cache staged non decorative nodes to avoid expensive node-count loop
     - EDDI input Lexer to be 8-bit to support identifying unicode characters 
     - Refacted GetPot into latest MOOSE-revised Hierarchical Input Text (HIT) - breaks backward compatibility
     - HIT block and subblock to be equivalent
     - HIT comma is no longer a valid array separator
     - HIT semicolon is now an allowed array separator
    ### Added
     - waspdrive scheduler capability.
     - support for HIT shorthand object notation '[x/y/z]'
     - support for commas in HIT strings
     - support for double-quoted strings in HIT documents
     - support for more than one input and template file in waspdrive input 
     - support for EDDI input section naming and validation
     - support for parsing EDDI input list syntax `<n..m x i> 193*10` etc.
     - support for parsing EDDI include files via a list of search locations
     - support for EDDI strings that contain '+' and comments containing unicode characters
     - InputAliases STRIDE construct to support strided aliases as dictated by EDDI input
    ### Fixed
    - wasplsp compile error in certain configurations caused by missing include of `functional`.
  • 1.0.3
  • 0.1.2-beta protected
    ## [0.1.2] - 01-22-2018
    ### Added
    - The SON syntax now supports a 'block', ([blockname]) syntax which acts the same
    as a SON object, but can be visually more appealing to users. It also allows for
    compatibility with INI/Config and the NEK5000 PAR input formats.
    - A clang-format style standard and updated code accordingly
    - A SON2JSON routine and utility that allows conversion and validation 
    of SON input to JSON. This allows for validated input use in Python.
    - HALITE attribute delimiter intrinsic variables for use in rendering 
    the literal delimiter.
    ### Fixed 
    - MVSC 2015 and Intel compile error involving _set_output_format in waspcore/Format.h
  • 0.1.1-beta protected
    ## [0.1.1] - 10-22-2017
    ### Added
    - HALITE configurable iterative delimiter emission capability that 
    allows a delimiter to be emitted based on given iteration stide.
    - HALITEWorkflow convenience class.
    - Support for shared library builds on Windows
    - Substantial improvements in README documentation
    - Missing min/max functions to Expr/HALITE packages
    ### Changed
    - HIVE ChildUniqueness and NotExistsIn to be case-insensitive
    ### Fixed 
    - An issue where HALITE indirect attribute substitution produced a parse
    - A compiler error when when compiling in a Qt project the 'emit' macro and
    the HALITE emit method collided.
    - An issue where Expr lexer's REAL token regex consumed part of 
    the alternative boolean operator (7.gt.8=> 7.ERROR, instead of 7.gt.8=> 7 > 8)
    - A segfault when HALITE processes empty attribute
  • 0.1-Alpha protected
    0.1 Alpha version of WASP that was released for use with NEAMS Workbench 1.0 Beta.