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......@@ -28,20 +28,17 @@ To do that, open a terminal and activate the desired conda environment. The opti
* ``sans-qa`` the future stable release (to be tested right before the next iteration)
* ``sans-dev`` the latest development version
To activate these environments type the following command
The easiest way to start an interactive ipython session is by running
.. code-block:: shell
$ source /SNS/software/miniconda2/bin/activate sans-dev
$ drtsans
At the end of the session, to get back to regular python, just type
.. code-block:: shell
$ source /SNS/software/miniconda2/bin/deactivate sans-dev
adding ``--qa`` or ``--dev`` will start the qa or development version respectively.
The ``drtsans`` wrapper script launches ipython with the selected conda environment located in ``/opt/anaconda/envs/` and deactivates the conda environment when the session ends.
One must have an XCAMS account to use either shaman or the jupyter kernel provided above.
One must have an XCAMS account to use either the jupyter kernel provided above.
Using the Docker packaged environment
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