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Adds docker-compose install version + fixes listen address toml line

McDonnell, Marshall requested to merge add-docker-compose into main

Work includes:

  • Adding docker-compose install to runner
  • Default docker-compose installed is v1.29.2
  • Fix to listen address toml line

Testing performed:

  • Created a runner under a birthright cloud allocation at CADES cloud using examples directory
  • Used sample terraform.tfvars.sample to make a terraform.tfvars file with runner_tokens set to a list of a single token for this repository
  • Modified the examples/ to point to locally development source = ../modules/ornl-cloud-gitlab-runners
  • Ran terraform init; terraform apply in examples to create the runner
  • Checked that it was correctly registered to this repository using the runner token
  • SSH'ed into runner and ran docker-compose --version to ensure it was v1.29.2 (the default)
  • Checked metrics were accessible via http://<runner IP address>:9252/metrics
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