Removed Radiuss, site domains, and made minor LLNL to ORNL heading changes

Merged Drane, Lance requested to merge rozie into dev

Issue # 2:

  • Removed Radiuss tab from the navigation bar.
  • Removed the hardcoded Radiuss category from the category/category_info.json file.

Issue # 3:

  • Removed whatever domain links were remaining from the _includes/header.html file (and all other applicable HTML files.


  • The items below are not all complete. I attempted to do a mass removal and then realized that the team may want to delete some of these pages or just overhaul them completely. For example: the FAQ page or the About page.
  • Changed Twitter links from @LLNL_OpenSource to @ORNL
  • Changed Github admins email from to
  • Changed LLNL's Github page to ORNL's Github page

Please take a look and please let me know your thoughts.

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