1. 22 Jun, 2017 5 commits
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      Merge branch 'upstream-KWSys' into use-kwsys-as-object-lib · 7c1ef937
      Atkins, Charles Vernon authored
      * upstream-KWSys:
        KWSys 2017-06-22 (ab645c94)
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      KWSys 2017-06-22 (ab645c94) · 3a170ab8
      KWSys Upstream authored and Atkins, Charles Vernon's avatar Atkins, Charles Vernon committed
      Code extracted from:
      at commit ab645c94b6b02922248fbca1e7ac9355a0055391 (ab645c9).
      Upstream Shortlog
      Adam Weisi (3):
            8a799e36 Process: Improve definition ordering in header file
            7d56ef24 Process: Save results from all children internally
            b7eba998 Process: Add APIs to get results of individual processes
      Ben Boeckel (4):
            ac0c67d2 gitattributes: indicate attributes to ignore when importing
            3dfeb55e gitattributes: rename the c-style attribute
            cea71543 style: remove separator comments
            874dc559 style: help clang-format near macros
      Brad King (4):
            edd8b5e0 FStream: Open files on Windows using UNC path
            c23e388b ConsoleBuf: Avoid signed/unsigned comparison
            51859eab CONTRIBUTING: Specify clang-format version used for code style
            7e04a3d2 SystemTools: Remove RemoveEmptyPathElements method
      Chuck Atkins (2):
            51e95ba7 XL: Fix compatibility with newer clang-based XL on Linux
            ab645c94 Add an option to split object and interface libs.
      Daniel Pfeifer (2):
            2564822b Disable clang-tidy
            0f7ec930 Pass std::string as const&
      Florian Maushart (2):
            684bcda6 SystemInformation: Expose CPU feature flags publicly
            70b8332f SystemInformation: Add CPU_FEATURE_FPU flag
      Matteo Settenvini (1):
            6173f4b3 SystemTools: Add function to remove empty path components
      Pavel Solodovnikov (2):
            36d14691 Access string npos without instance
            ab265991 Remove second arg: npos in substr usages
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      Point KWSys to a patched branch · 7788d560
      Atkins, Charles Vernon authored
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      Merge pull request #164 from williamfgc/bpwrtest · 045c384b
      Atkins, Charles Vernon authored
      Fix for Issue #160 TestBPWriterRead
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