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    Readme: Conda Badge · 9df0c4cb
    Axel Huebl authored
    Add a badge to install ADIOS2 via conda-forge.
    By default, conda-forge packages install without MPI. The user can
    control variants via:
    - `conda install -c conda-forge adios2` default, nompi variant
    - `conda install -c conda-forge adios2=*=mpi*` any mpi-compatible implementation
    - `conda install -c conda-forge adios2=*=mpi_mpich*` pick mpich variant.
      Same result as `conda install -c conda-forge mpich adios2=*=mpi*` .
    - `conda install -c conda-forge adios2=1.13=nompi*` explicitly forbid MPI.
      Usually not necessary, as the build number offset causes `nompi` to be preferred unless MPI is explicitly requested.
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