Commit f8a9e675 authored by Benjamin Mayer's avatar Benjamin Mayer
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trying all dynamic parameters

parent ecb99e1f
......@@ -40,7 +40,13 @@ class ACMEWorkflow(object):
self.mppwidth = config.get("acme", "mppwidth")
self.stop_option = config.get("acme", "stop_option")
self.stop_n = [x.strip() for x in config.get("acme", "stop_n").split(",")]
self.walltime = [x.strip() for x in config.get("acme", "walltime").split(",")]
self.walltime = [x.strip() for x in config.get("acme", "walltime").split(",")
self.res = config.get("acme", "res")
self.compiler = config.get("acme", "compiler")
self.project = config.get("acme", "project")
self.compset = config.get("acme", "compset")
self.mach = config.get("acme", "mach")
if len(self.stop_n) != len(self.walltime):
raise Exception("stop_n should have the same number of entries as walltime")
......@@ -50,6 +56,11 @@ class ACMEWorkflow(object):
f = open(path, "w")
f.write("CASENAME=%s" % self.casename)
f.write("MACH=%s" % self.mach)
f.write("RES=%s" % self.res)
f.write("COMPILER=%s" % self.compiler)
f.write("PROJECT=%s" % self.project)
f.write("COMPSET=%s" % self.compset)
# This is an example ACME setup script. The workflow runs this script with
# several environment variables:
# ACMEROOT: This is the path to the ACME/CESM source code
# CASENAME: The name of the case
# CASEROOT: This is the path to the case directory
# This script should run create_newcase, cesm_setup and $
set -e
$ACMEROOT/cime/scripts/create_newcase -case $CASEROOT -mach $MACH -compset $COMPSET -res $RES -project $PROJECT -compiler $COMPILER
# Set the directory for executables
./xmlchange -file env_build.xml -id EXEROOT -val $CASEROOT/bld
# Set the run directory
./xmlchange -file env_run.xml -id RUNDIR -val $CASEROOT/run
./$ || true
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