Commit add50488 authored by Juve, Gideon's avatar Juve, Gideon
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Update AMWG template for new directory strucutre

parent c205a08c
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ set test_filetype = monthly_history
#set test_path_history = /glade/scratch/hannay/archive/$test_casename/atm/
#set test_path_climo = /glade/scratch/hannay/amwg/climo/$test_casename/
#set test_path_diag = /glade/scratch/hannay/amwg/diag/$test_casename/
set test_path_history = $PWD/run/
set test_path_history = $PWD/{{casename}}/run/
set test_path_climo = $PWD/{{casename}}-amwg-stage{{stage}}/
set test_path_diag = $PWD/{{casename}}-amwg-stage{{stage}}/
set test_path_HPSS = $test_path_history
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