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Draft: Running Cardinal with the NEAMS Workbench on Sawtooth

Delchini, Marco requested to merge mxd/cardinal into main

This MR adds a localhost file to run Cardinal with the NEAMS Workbench on Sawtooth. The current logic requires:

  • an environment file .cardinal-env located in the home directory:
module load use.moose
module load mambaforge3
module load mvapich2/2.3.3-gcc-9.2.0-xpjm
module load cmake/3.22.3-gcc-9.2.0-5mqh
module load gitlfs/3.2.0
export CARDINAL_DIR=$HOME/cardinal
export OPENMC_CROSS_SECTIONS=$HOME/cross_sections/endfb-vii.1-hdf5/cross_sections.xml
export MOOSE_DIR=$CARDINAL_DIR/contrib/moose
export LIBMESH_DIR=$CARDINAL_DIR/contrib/moose/libmesh/installed
export PYTHONPATH=$CARDINAL_DIR/contrib/moose/python:$PYTHONPATH
export ENABLE_DAGMC=true
  • a compiled version of Cardinal on Sawtooth installed in CARDINAL_DIR. Installation instruction are found in here and here.

The current logic was tested with various test cases, tutorials and examples found on the Virtual Test Bed website.

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