Commit bf202bab authored by Conor Finn's avatar Conor Finn
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RE #28360 Fix logs not saving if directory exists already

Needed to add checks around makedirs(), throws an error if the directory
already exists.
parent 2ce572ca
......@@ -193,15 +193,16 @@ class FocusModel(object):
except ValueError:
logger.information(f"Could not convert {name} to a numerical value. It will not be included in the "
f"sample logs output file.")
makedirs(path.join(path_handling.get_output_path(), "Focus"))
output_path = path.join(path_handling.get_output_path(), "Focus",
(instrument + "_" + run_number + "_sample_logs.csv"))
focus_dir = path.join(path_handling.get_output_path(), "Focus")
if not path.exists(focus_dir):
output_path = path.join(focus_dir, (instrument + "_" + run_number + "_sample_logs.csv"))
if rb_num:
makedirs(path.join(path_handling.get_output_path(), "User", rb_num, "Focus"))
output_path = path.join(path_handling.get_output_path(), "User", rb_num, "Focus",
(instrument + "_" + run_number + "_sample_logs.csv"))
focus_user_dir = path.join(path_handling.get_output_path(), "User", rb_num, "Focus")
if not path.exists(focus_user_dir):
output_path = path.join(focus_user_dir, (instrument + "_" + run_number + "_sample_logs.csv"))
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