Commit 216f614b authored by Nick Draper's avatar Nick Draper
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remove unused boolean isExecuted variable

parent ad1976ae
......@@ -463,7 +463,6 @@ private:
std::atomic<ExecutionState> m_executionState; ///< the current execution state
std::atomic<ResultState> m_resultState; ///< the current result State
bool m_isExecuted; ///< Algorithm is executed flag
bool m_isChildAlgorithm; ///< Algorithm is a child algorithm
bool m_recordHistoryForChild; ///< Flag to indicate whether history should be
/// recorded. Applicable to child algs only
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ Algorithm::Algorithm()
m_log("Algorithm"), g_log(m_log), m_groupSize(0), m_executeAsync(nullptr),
m_notificationCenter(nullptr), m_progressObserver(nullptr),
m_resultState(ResultState::NotFinished), m_isExecuted(false),
m_isChildAlgorithm(false), m_recordHistoryForChild(false),
m_alwaysStoreInADS(true), m_runningAsync(false), m_rethrow(false),
m_isAlgStartupLoggingEnabled(true), m_startChildProgress(0.),
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