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    Add grouping option for pixel and tube · 99a7b1c5
    Mathieu Tillet authored
    Adds the possibility to select and group individual pixel and tube.
    HOWEVER due to these selections being dependent of the detector, contrary
    to every other shape used for masking etc, the selection cannot be
    printed on screen, as it would require to create a shape that follows
    the detector if it is moved and is rendered using the correct
    Moreover, contrary to what happens with masking and ROIing, there are
    two options for grouping, which means the operation cannot be applied
    immediatly on click in this case.
    Since this means that a) the user should input after doing their selection
    and b) this selection cannot be shown to the user on the instrument
    view, the compromise solution was to only take into account and store
    the last tube or pixel selected for grouping. In other words, the user
    can only sum or extract the last pixel / tube they selected.