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    Reslove MonitorData not showing in the workbench algorithm details box · 55ad2798
    Nick Draper authored
    This was due to:
    1. Too long a default UpdateEvery default
    2. Too infrequest progress updates from MonitorLiveData
    3. The Algorithm Details box not adding an algorithm until it sends a progress update
    4. The StartLiveData custom Dialog not showing the default for UpdateEvery
    1. Decreased the default UpdateEvery from 60 to 30 seconds
    2. Change the default timeout for FakeISISHistongramDAE from 30 to 60s
    3. improved the progress logging for MonitorLivedata to update more frequently with an idle counter as well.
    4. Changed the tie function used in custom algorithm dialogs to set the placeholder text for line edits
    5. Changed the log level for user cancelling of algorithms from Error to warning so it does not trigger the notification service
    6. Changed the log message for user cancellation from Terminated to cancelled to reduce confusion
    re #27077