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  • v0.12.1
  • v0.12.0
  • v0.11.2
  • v0.11.1
  • v0.11.0
  • NCSA-v2
  • NCSA-v1
  • v0.10.0
  • efischer/docs-v1
    30e563bd · Edits... ·
    Docs after efischer edited, but before merging with @adamjsteward's stuff.
  • v0.9.1
    164da8ee · Version bump to 0.9.1 ·
  • v0.9
    9d584d0c · Tag Spack version 0.9 ·
  • old-install-layout
  • v0.8.17
    Spack version 0.8.17
    Minor release with documentation updates to Master.
  • v0.8.16
    v0.8.16 Release Notes
    5 new packages since 0.8.15:
     - cram
     - metis
     - otf
     - ravel
     - scotch
     - Fix for SAMRAI fetch URL.
    For packagers
      - MPICH now sets up MPICH_CC, MPICH_CXX, etc. in dependent environment
        so that dependency builds use Spack compiler wrappers.
      - Simpler build error messages on fail (no more python stacktrace)
      - Disable CMake policy warnings in `std_cmake_args`.
      - Remove superfluous compiler wrapper links (g++ link interfered with icpc)
      - Several new packaging helper functions:
        - `install_tree`
        - `traverse_tree`
        - `force_symlink`
  • v0.8.15
    v0.8.15 Release Notes
    100 new packages since 0.8.11:
    Mitos       gtkplus        mpfr          py-matplotlib        py-shiboken
    R           harfbuzz       mpibash       py-mpi4py            py-sip
    atk         icu            muster        py-mx                py-six
    bison       icu4c          nasm          py-nose              py-sympy
    bzip2       isl            netcdf        py-numpy             py-virtualenv
    cairo       jdk            nettle        py-pexpect           python
    cloog       lcms           pango         py-pil               qhull
    dbus        libdrm         pcre          py-pmw               qt
    dri2proto   libffi         pixman        py-pychecker         qthreads
    flex        libgcrypt      ppl           py-pygments          readline
    gasnet      libgpg-error   py-basemap    py-pylint            rose
    gcc         libjpeg-turbo  py-biopython  py-pyparsing         ruby
    gdk-pixbuf  libmng         py-cython     py-pyqt              tcl
    geos        libxcb         py-dateutil   py-pyside            tk
    git         libxml2        py-epydoc     py-pytz              util-linux
    glib        libxshmfence   py-gnuplot    py-rpy2              vtk
    gmp         libxslt        py-h5py       py-scientificpython  wget
    gnutls      memaxes        py-ipython    py-scikit-learn      xcb-proto
    gperf       mesa           py-libxml2    py-scipy             xz
    gperftools  mpc            py-mako       py-setuptools        yasm
    For users
      - Support for Python and Python extensions.
      - Python extensions can be activated/deactivated in an installation.
      - Updated documentation
      - Clearer 'spack find' output
      - Bugfixes for mirroring
      - Graphing dependencies with spack graph
      - ROSE Compiler (
      - New commands:
          - spack extensions
          - spack activate
          - spack deactivate
          - spack clean (behaves like old clean -d)
          - spack restage (behaves like old clean -w)
    For packagers
      - Package extensions, e.g.: extends('python')
      - Extensible activation/deactivation of extensions
      - Dependencies can set variables/build options for dependents
          - setup_dependent_environment()
      - Support fetch URLs with query strings.
      - New commands:
          - spack env
          - spack graph
  • v0.8.11
    Bugfix release
    - spack inadvertently required git, hg, svn, and svnadmin.
    - this version doens't require them unless they're used.
  • v0.8.10
    84aa69fb · Release v0.8.10 ·
    v0.8.10: Fancy fetching
    v0.8.10 Release Notes
    For users
      - Packages can now fetch source from git, svn, and hg repositories.
      - Environment module support, docs.
      - Extensive additions to online documentation.
      - 18 new packages
    For packagers
      - Versions in ranges are now more permissive, fixing some long-standing
        bugs.  pkg@:1 will now match pkg@1.0, pkg@1.1, pkg@1.9.1, etc.
        Previously "@:1" would not match any minor or patch versions above 1.
      - Github-aware list urls (spack will find releases tab on github)
      - spack list can now do globs (e.g., spack list mpi*)
      - spack md5 command does single-file checksums
      - spack info -r autogenerates package list for documentation.
      - spack edit -c can edit Spack commands by name.
      - Extensive new unit tests (for fetching and mirroring)
      - MPI installs can work without fortran compilers
      - Version updates fix long-standing test failure. Tests all pass now.
      - Many bugfixes
    18 new packages
      ImageMagick  automake   fontconfig  libNBC   libtool  netgauge
      autoconf     bib2xhtml  freetype    libpng   lwm2     sundials
      automaded    coreutils  jpeg        libtiff  mpe2     swig
  • v0.8.5
    86980c29 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
    Spack version 0.8.5
    New features for users:
    - Integration with TCL modules and dotkit
      - spack use/unuse, spcak load/unload
    - Works with Python 2.6 (as well as 2.7 like before)
    - 24 new packages:
      adept-utils  extrae      libmonitor  ompss    papi        scorep
      clang        hwloc       llvm        opari2   paraver     sqlite
      cube         libarchive  llvm-lld    openssl  postgresql  wx
      dtcmp        libcircle   lwgrp       otf2     scalasca    wxpropgrid
    New features for packagers and developers:
    - Per-version URLs
    - Compiler-dependent C++11 flag
    - CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH now set before install()
    - Improved spec design, more stability
    - New commands:
      - spack pkg
      - spack cd
      - spack location
  • v0.8