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radixwidgets: add support for VTK 9

Krupcale, Matthew requested to merge vtk-9-openglnativewidget into master

Add support for building with VTK 9. QVTKOpenGLWidget is deprecated since VTK 9 and is now only a wrapper for QVTKOpenGLStereoWidget [1]. Thus, use the preferred and versatile QVTKOpenGLNativeWidget [2] instead for VTK_MAJOR_VERSION >= 8.

  • radixwidgets/vtkchartwidget.hh: include appropriate QVTKOpenGL{,Native}Widget.h header and create typedef QVTKWidget_t based on VTK version
  • radixwidgets/examples/ likewise.
  • radixwidgets/examples/ use QVTKWidget_t
  • radixwidgets/ likewise.



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