Commit 44716bb4 authored by Bilheux, Jean-Christophe's avatar Bilheux, Jean-Christophe
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Manually fixed links

parent 802aad58
......@@ -415,15 +415,15 @@
<li class="" role="">
<a class="padding" href="en/github"><i class='fa fa-github'></i> Github Repos</a>
<a class="padding" href="/en/github"><i class='fa fa-github'></i> Github Repos</a>
<li class="" role="">
<a class="padding" href="en/showcase"><i class='fa fa-camera'></i> Showcases</a>
<a class="padding" href="/en/showcase"><i class='fa fa-camera'></i> Showcases</a>
<li class="" role="">
<a class="padding" href="en/credits"><i class='fa fa-user-circle'></i> Contacts</a>
<a class="padding" href="/en/credits"><i class='fa fa-user-circle'></i> Contacts</a>
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