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AMPX is a modular code package of computer programs used to provide continuous energy, multi-group, and covariance data libraries for radiation transport and sensitivity uncertainty analysis packages in SCALE.
# Technical Approach
Evaluated nuclear data (ENDF) files contain the nuclear data for use in transport codes. However, processing is needed to convert the data into a form suitable for SCALE. This includes determination of energy grids in the resolved resonance range as well as for angular distributions. ENDF can give angular distributions in functional form and/or in the center-of-mass system. AMPX converts the data as needed to the lab system either into Legendre coefficients for use in multi-group calculations or CDFs and PDFs for use in continuous energy libraries.
# Benefit
User friendly generation of cross section and covariance libraries for use in SCALE. Libraries generated for release undergo more testing using SCALE codes. AMPX also provides nuclear data libraries to support the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL).
# Sponsor
DOE National Nuclear Security Administration/NCSP
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
# Principal Investigator
Dorothea Wiarda
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