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more work on photosynthesis; needs cleanup

parent bcb6a6e4
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ ComputeFlux()
#include "landtype.h"
#include "frictionvelocity.h"
#include "SoilMoistStress.hh"
#include "photosynthesis.h"
#include "vegproperties.h"
class CanopyFluxes {
......@@ -457,6 +459,17 @@ void StabilityIteration(
const double& htop,
const double t_soisno[nlevgrnd+nlevsno],
const VegProperties& veg,
const int& nrad,
const double& t10,
const double tlai_z[nlevcan],
const double& vcmaxcintsha,
const double& vcmaxcintsun,
const double parsha_z[nlevcan],
const double parsun_z[nlevcan],
const double laisha_z[nlevcan],
const double laisun_z[nlevcan],
double& btran,
......@@ -533,6 +546,8 @@ void StabilityIteration(
// call photosynthesis
// Photosynthesis(phase=sun); need to implement
Photosynthesis(veg, Land.vtype, nrad, forc_pbot, t_veg, t10, svpts, eah, o2, co2, rb, btran,
dayl_factor, thm, tlai_z, vcmaxcintsun, parsun_z, laisun_z, rssun);
if (Land.vtype == nsoybean || Land.vtype == nsoybeanirrig) { btran = std::min(1.0, btran * 1.25); }
This diff is collapsed.
#include "clm_constants.h"
#include "vegproperties.h"
void Photosynthesis(const VegProperties& veg, const int& vtype, const int& nrad, const double& forc_pbot,
const double& t_veg, const double& t10, const double& esat_tv, const double& eair, const double& oair,
const double& cair, const double& rb, const double& btran, const double& dayl_factor, const double thm,
const double tlai_z[nlevcan], const double& vcmaxcint, const double par_z[nlevcan], const double lai_z[nlevcan],
double& rs);
\ No newline at end of file
#include "clm_constants.h"
struct VegProperties {
double fnr[numpft]; // fraction of nitrogen in RuBisCO
double act25[numpft]; // (umol/mgRubisco/min) Rubisco activity at 25 C
double kcha[numpft]; // Activation energy for kc
double koha[numpft]; // Activation energy for ko
double cpha[numpft]; // Activation energy for cp
double vcmaxha[numpft]; // Activation energy for vcmax
double jmaxha[numpft]; // Activation energy for jmax
double tpuha[numpft]; // Activation energy for tpu
double lmrha[numpft]; // Acitivation energy for lmr
double vcmaxhd[numpft]; // Deactivation energy for vcmax
double jmaxhd[numpft]; // Deactivation energy for jmax
double tpuhd[numpft]; // Deactivation energy for tpu
double lmrhd[numpft]; // Deacitivation energy for lmr
double lmrse[numpft]; // SE for lmr
double qe[numpft]; // Quantum efficiency
double theta_cj[numpft]; // empirical curvature parameter for ac, aj photosynthesis co-limitation
double bbbopt[numpft]; // Ball-Berry stomatal conductance intercept
double mbbopt[numpft]; // Ball-Berry stomatal conductance slope
double c3psn[numpft]; // photosynthetic pathway: 0. = c4, 1. = c3
double slatop[numpft]; // specific leaf area at top of canopy, projected area basis [m^2/gC]
double leafcn[numpft]; // leaf C:N (gC/gN)
double flnr[numpft]; // fraction of leaf N in the Rubisco enzyme (gN Rubisco / gN leaf)
double fnitr[numpft]; // foliage nitrogen limitation factor (-)
\ No newline at end of file
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