Commit 97d55b08 authored by Ethan Coon's avatar Ethan Coon
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moves qflx vars in cc test to the correct data layout

parent ca28749c
......@@ -65,13 +65,13 @@ int main(int argc, char ** argv)
ELM::Utils::MatrixForc forc_irrig; forc_irrig = 0.;
// output state by the grid cell
auto qflx_prec_intr = std::array<double,n_grid_cells>();
auto qflx_irrig = std::array<double,n_grid_cells>();
auto qflx_prec_grnd = std::array<double,n_grid_cells>();
auto qflx_snwcp_liq = std::array<double,n_grid_cells>();
auto qflx_snwcp_ice = std::array<double,n_grid_cells>();
auto qflx_snow_grnd_patch = std::array<double,n_grid_cells>();
auto qflx_rain_grnd = std::array<double,n_grid_cells>();
auto qflx_prec_intr = ELM::Utils::MatrixState();
auto qflx_irrig = ELM::Utils::MatrixState();
auto qflx_prec_grnd = ELM::Utils::MatrixState();
auto qflx_snwcp_liq = ELM::Utils::MatrixState();
auto qflx_snwcp_ice = ELM::Utils::MatrixState();
auto qflx_snow_grnd_patch = ELM::Utils::MatrixState();
auto qflx_rain_grnd = ELM::Utils::MatrixState();
// output state by the pft
auto h2o_can = ELM::Utils::MatrixState(); h2o_can = 0.;
......@@ -98,9 +98,9 @@ int main(int argc, char ** argv)
ltype, ctype, urbpoi, do_capsnow,
elai(g,p), esai(g,p), dewmx, frac_veg_nosno,
h2o_can(g,p), n_irrig_steps_left,
qflx_prec_intr[g], qflx_irrig[g], qflx_prec_grnd[g],
qflx_snwcp_liq[g], qflx_snwcp_ice[g],
qflx_snow_grnd_patch[g], qflx_rain_grnd[g]);
qflx_prec_intr(g,p), qflx_irrig(g,p), qflx_prec_grnd(g,p),
qflx_snwcp_liq(g,p), qflx_snwcp_ice(g,p),
qflx_snow_grnd_patch(g,p), qflx_rain_grnd(g,p));
//printf("%i %i %16.8g %16.8g %16.8g %16.8g %16.8g %16.8g\n", g, p, forc_rain(t,g), forc_snow(t,g), elai(g,p), esai(g,p), h2o_can(g,p), qflx_prec_intr[g]);
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