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added pseudocode prototype of related physics class strategy for discussion

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// pseudocode prototype of proposed method to organize related functions into classes
// this class holds related functions derived from a single CLM source file
class RelatedPhysicsClass {
// variables shared between functions in this class
// these variables are not needed by any code other than the functions in this class
int p;
double q[nlevgrnd];
template <class Array2d, class Array1d>
void method1(Array2d x, Array2d y) {
// do work
template <class Array2d, class Array1d>
void method2(Array2d y, Array1d z) {
// do work
template <class Array2d, class Array1d>
void method3(Array1d z, Array2d x) {
// do work
// this struct provides a wrapper for calling across multiple grid cells
// it also provides separation between the physics library and Kokkos implementation
template <class Array2d, class Array1d>
struct CallRelatedPhysics {
// variable declarations go here
// constructor - initialize incoming data to local variables
// also pass in 1D Kokkos view of RelatedPhysicsClass
CallRelatedPhysics (Array2d x_,
Array2d y_,
Array1d z_,
Array1d RelatedPhys_)
: x(x_)
RelatedPhys(RelatedPhys_) {}
void ComputePhysics() {
KOKKOS_LAMBDA(const int& i) {
RelatedPhys(i).method1(Kokkos::subview(x, i, Kokkos::ALL), Kokkos::subview(y, i, Kokkos::ALL));
RelatedPhys(i).method2(Kokkos::subview(y, i, Kokkos::ALL), z(i));
RelatedPhys(i).method3(z(i), Kokkos::subview(x, i, Kokkos::ALL));
int main()
// set number of grid cells
int num_cells = 10;
// assign input and output variables as appropriate Kokkos view template types
Array2d x;
Array2d y;
Array1d z;
// create 1D Kokkos view from RelatedPhysicsClass
// not sure if this is necessary?
// seems like it might be, because data is now encapsulated in RelatedPhysicsClass
// would use Array1d IRL, but view syntax used here for clarity
Kokkos::View<RelatedPhysicsClass*> RelatedPhys ("set of related physics functions", num_cells);
// instantiate call wrapper
CallRelatedPhysics caller(x, y, z, RelatedPhys);
// call set of related physics functions
return 0;
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