Commit aecaf378 authored by Shang, Yingrui's avatar Shang, Yingrui
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Merge branch 'rys_branch_1201' into 'next'

Remove unnecessary assertion for eqsans

See merge request sns-hfir-scse/sans/sans-backend!985
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......@@ -196,11 +196,17 @@ def calculate_b_factors(
We would rather see where the negative values happen if it happens.
In addition, if we later decide to discard b(lambda) from last wavelength
bins for getting min(b[lambda]), b[lambda_max] or b[lambda_min] may have negative values.
# verify
assert (
b_array[np.isfinite(b_array)].min() >= -1e-20
), f"B array has negative values: {b_array}"
return b_array, ref_wl_ie
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