Authored by Belhorn, Matt

AG Virtualenv setup script

This script sets up a python2.7 virtualenv with

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • sklearn
  • matplotlib
  • PyMVPA

on Titan.


Save the script as (for example) and edit the value of the variable MYVENV to point to where the virtualenv should be installed.

The script is intended to be sourced from a clean login environment on a Titan login node:

. ./

If something goes wrong, simply delete the directory pointed to by MYVENV, correct the error, and try again. Sourcing the script will create the virtualenv if the directory does not exist, otherwise it will just activate it. It is not a very robust script and does not do much in the way of handling errors, so use at your own risk. That said, as long as $MYVENV is a unique directory and the starting environment is a plain default environment, it should work just fine.

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