Commit 7abf25ba authored by Whitfield, Ross's avatar Whitfield, Ross
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Update autoreduce/

parent 304422d4
......@@ -22,11 +22,16 @@ with h5py.File(filename, 'r') as f:
if powder:
from mantid.simpleapi import LoadWAND, WANDPowderReduction, SavePlot1D
from mantid.simpleapi import LoadWAND, WANDPowderReduction, SavePlot1D, LoadNexus
data = LoadWAND(filename)
data = LoadWAND(filename, Grouping='4x4')
runNumber = data.getRunNumber()
cal = LoadWAND(IPTS=7776, RunNumbers=101567)
van = 101567
cal = LoadWAND(IPTS=7776, RunNumbers=van, Grouping='4x4')
SaveNexus(cal, '/HFIR/HB2C/shared/autoreduce/HB2C_{}.nxs'.format(van))
cal = LoadNexus('/HFIR/HB2C/shared/autoreduce/HB2C_{}.nxs'.format(van))
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