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Update omega_scan/

parent 77d60a94
import numpy as np
peaks = mtd['peaks']
data = mtd['NaCl'].getSignalArray()
dx = dy = 20
lines = []
for p in range(peaks.getNumberPeaks()):
peak = peaks.getPeak(p)
g = peak.getGoniometerMatrix()
detID = peak.getDetectorID()
print(detID, peak.getQSampleFrame(), np.mod(np.arctan(g[0,2]/g[0,0])*180/np.pi,-180), x, y)
line = IntegrateMDHistoWorkspace('NaCl',
P1Bin='{},{}'.format(y-dy, y+dy),
P2Bin='{},{}'.format(x-dx, x+dx))
lines = np.array(lines)
output = CreateWorkspace(DataY=lines,DataX=range(len(lines[0])), NSpec=len(lines))
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