Commit f5e61756 authored by syz's avatar syz
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plot_2d_spectrogram now uses plot_complex_map_stack

parent 1cb43e3e
......@@ -1312,28 +1312,19 @@ def plot_2d_spectrogram(mean_spectrogram, freq, title, figure_path=None, **kwarg
axes : Matplotlib.pyplot axes
Axis handle
if mean_spectrogram.shape[1] != len(freq):
warn('plot_2d_spectrogram: Incompatible data sizes!!!!')
print('2D:', mean_spectrogram.shape, freq.shape)
if mean_spectrogram.shape[1] != freq.size:
if mean_spectrogram.shape[0] == freq.size:
mean_spectrogram = mean_spectrogram.T
raise ValueError('plot_2d_spectrogram: Incompatible data sizes!!!! spectrogram: '
+ str(mean_spectrogram.shape) + ', frequency: ' + str(freq.shape))
freq *= 1E-3 # to kHz
fig, axes = plt.subplots(nrows=2, ncols=1, sharex=True)
# print(mean_spectrogram.shape)
# print(freq.shape)
axes[0].imshow(np.abs(mean_spectrogram), interpolation='nearest',
extent=[freq[0], freq[-1], mean_spectrogram.shape[0], 0], **kwargs)
# axes[0].set_xticks(freq)
# axes[0].set_ylabel('UDVS Step')
axes[1].imshow(np.angle(mean_spectrogram), interpolation='nearest',
extent=[freq[0], freq[-1], mean_spectrogram.shape[0], 0], **kwargs)
axes[1].set_xlabel('Frequency (kHz)')
# axes[0].set_ylabel('UDVS Step')
fig, axes = plot_complex_map_stack(np.expand_dims(mean_spectrogram, axis=0), num_comps=1, title=title,
x_label='Frequency (kHz)', y_label='UDVS step', subtitle_prefix='',
extent=[freq[0], freq[-1], 0, mean_spectrogram.shape[0]],
figsize=(5, 3), origin='lower', stdevs=None, amp_units='V',
if figure_path:
plt.savefig(figure_path, format='png', dpi=300)
return fig, axes
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