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Moved visualize_sho_results to a separate BE specific module

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......@@ -7,15 +7,17 @@ Created on Thu May 05 13:29:12 2016
# TODO: All general plotting functions should support data with 1, 2, or 3 spatial dimensions.
from __future__ import division # int/int = float
import inspect
from warnings import warn
import os
import h5py
import scipy
import inspect
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import scipy
from matplotlib.colors import LinearSegmentedColormap
from mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1 import ImageGrid
import numpy as np
from ..analysis.utils.be_loop import loop_fit_function
from import reshape_to_Ndims, get_formatted_labels
......@@ -460,7 +462,7 @@ def plot_loops(excit_wfm, datasets, line_colors=[], dataset_names=[], evenly_spa
chosen_pos = np.arange(sq_num_plots ** 2, dtype=int)
fig, axes = plt.subplots(nrows=sq_num_plots, ncols=sq_num_plots, figsize=(12, 12))
fig, axes = plt.subplots(nrows=sq_num_plots, ncols=sq_num_plots, sharex=True, figsize=(12, 12))
axes_lin = axes.flatten()
cent_ind = int(0.5 * excit_wfm.size)
......@@ -669,7 +671,7 @@ def plot_map_stack(map_stack, num_comps=9, stdevs=2, color_bar_mode=None, evenly
title = title[:num_comps]
elif len(title) < num_comps:
# add titles
title = title + ['Component' + ' ' + str(x) for x in range(len(title), num_comps)]
title += ['Component' + ' ' + str(x) for x in range(len(title), num_comps)]
if not isinstance(title, str):
title = 'Component'
......@@ -1256,145 +1258,3 @@ def plot_histgrams(p_hist, p_hbins, title, figure_path=None):
plt.savefig(figure_path, format='png')
return fig
def visualize_sho_results(h5_main, save_plots=True, show_plots=True):
Plots some loops, amplitude, phase maps for BE-Line and BEPS datasets.\n
Note: The file MUST contain SHO fit gusses at the very least
h5_main : HDF5 Dataset
dataset to be plotted
save_plots : (Optional) Boolean
Whether or not to save plots to files in the same directory as the h5 file
show_plots : (Optional) Boolean
Whether or not to display the plots on the screen
def __plot_loops_maps(ac_vec, resp_mat, grp_name, win_title, spec_var_title, meas_var_title, save_plots,
folder_path, basename, num_rows, num_cols):
plt_title = grp_name + '_' + win_title + '_Loops'
fig, ax = plot_loops(ac_vec, resp_mat, evenly_spaced=True, plots_on_side=5, use_rainbow_plots=False,
x_label=spec_var_title, y_label=meas_var_title, subtitles='Loop', title=plt_title)
if save_plots:
fig.savefig(os.path.join(folder_path, basename + '_' + plt_title + '.png'), format='png', dpi=300)
plt_title = grp_name + '_' + win_title + '_Snaps'
fig, axes = plot_map_stack(resp_mat.reshape(num_rows, num_cols, resp_mat.shape[1]),
color_bar_mode="each", evenly_spaced=True, title='UDVS Step #',
heading=plt_title, cmap=cmap_jet_white_center())
if save_plots:
fig.savefig(os.path.join(folder_path, basename + '_' + plt_title + '.png'), format='png', dpi=300)
plt_path = None
print('Creating plots of SHO Results from {}.'.format(
h5_file = h5_main.file
expt_type = h5_file.attrs['data_type']
if expt_type not in ['BEPSData', 'BELineData']:
warn('Unsupported data format')
isBEPS = expt_type == 'BEPSData'
(folder_path, basename) = os.path.split(h5_file.filename)
basename, _ = os.path.splitext(basename)
sho_grp = h5_main.parent
chan_grp = h5_file['/'.join([1:].split('/')[:2])]
grp_name = '_'.join([1:].split('/'))
grp_name = '_'.join([grp_name,'/')[-1].split('-')[0],'/')[-1]])
h5_pos = h5_file[h5_main.attrs['Position_Indices']]
except KeyError:
print('No Position_Indices found as attribute of {}'.format(
print('Rows and columns will be calculated from dataset shape.')
num_rows = int(np.floor((np.sqrt(h5_main.shape[0]))))
num_cols = int(np.reshape(h5_main, [num_rows, -1, h5_main.shape[1]]).shape[1])
num_rows = len(np.unique(h5_pos[:, 0]))
num_cols = len(np.unique(h5_pos[:, 1]))
h5_spec_vals = h5_file[h5_main.attrs['Spectroscopic_Values']]
# except KeyError:
# warn('No Spectrosocpic Datasets found as attribute of {}'.format(
# raise
# Assume that there's enough memory to load all the guesses into memory
amp_mat = h5_main['Amplitude [V]'] * 1000 # convert to mV ahead of time
freq_mat = h5_main['Frequency [Hz]'] / 1000
q_mat = h5_main['Quality Factor']
phase_mat = h5_main['Phase [rad]']
rsqr_mat = h5_main['R2 Criterion']
if isBEPS:
meas_type = chan_grp.parent.attrs['VS_mode']
# basically 3 kinds for now - DC/current, AC, UDVS - lets ignore this
if meas_type == 'load user defined VS Wave from file':
warn('Not handling custom experiments for now')
# h5_file.close()
# Plot amplitude and phase maps at one or more UDVS steps
if meas_type == 'AC modulation mode with time reversal':
center = int(h5_spec_vals.shape[1] * 0.5)
ac_vec = np.squeeze(h5_spec_vals[h5_spec_vals.attrs['AC_Amplitude']][:, 0:center])
forw_resp = np.squeeze(amp_mat[:, slice(0, center)])
rev_resp = np.squeeze(amp_mat[:, slice(center, None)])
for win_title, resp_mat in zip(['Forward', 'Reverse'], [forw_resp, rev_resp]):
__plot_loops_maps(ac_vec, resp_mat, grp_name, win_title, 'AC Amplitude', 'Amplitude', save_plots,
folder_path, basename, num_rows, num_cols)
# plot loops at a few locations
dc_vec = np.squeeze(h5_spec_vals[h5_spec_vals.attrs['DC_Offset']])
if chan_grp.parent.attrs['VS_measure_in_field_loops'] == 'in and out-of-field':
dc_vec = np.squeeze(dc_vec[slice(0, None, 2)])
in_phase = np.squeeze(phase_mat[:, slice(0, None, 2)])
in_amp = np.squeeze(amp_mat[:, slice(0, None, 2)])
out_phase = np.squeeze(phase_mat[:, slice(1, None, 2)])
out_amp = np.squeeze(amp_mat[:, slice(1, None, 2)])
for win_title, resp_mat in zip(['In_Field', 'Out_of_Field'], [in_phase * in_amp, out_phase * out_amp]):
__plot_loops_maps(dc_vec, resp_mat, grp_name, win_title, 'DC Bias', 'Piezoresponse (a.u.)',
save_plots, folder_path, basename, num_rows, num_cols)
__plot_loops_maps(dc_vec, phase_mat * amp_mat, grp_name, '', 'DC Bias', 'Piezoresponse (a.u.)',
save_plots, folder_path, basename, num_rows, num_cols)
else: # BE-Line can only visualize the amplitude and phase maps:
amp_mat = amp_mat.reshape(num_rows, num_cols)
freq_mat = freq_mat.reshape(num_rows, num_cols)
q_mat = q_mat.reshape(num_rows, num_cols)
phase_mat = phase_mat.reshape(num_rows, num_cols)
rsqr_mat = rsqr_mat.reshape(num_rows, num_cols)
if save_plots:
plt_path = os.path.join(folder_path, basename + '_' + grp_name + 'Maps.png')
fig_ms, ax_ms = plot_map_stack(np.dstack((amp_mat, freq_mat, q_mat, phase_mat, rsqr_mat)),
num_comps=5, color_bar_mode='each', heading=grp_name,
title=['Amplitude (mV)', 'Frequency (kHz)', 'Quality Factor', 'Phase (deg)',
'R^2 Criterion'], cmap=cmap_jet_white_center())
fig_ms.savefig(plt_path, format='png', dpi=300)
if show_plots:
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