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Updating base notebook so by default it does NOT save to new files

Saving to new files will break visualization routines. This is now noted.
parent dfbb3dfb
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@
"source": [
"max_mem = 1024*8 # Maximum memory to use, in Mbs. Default = 1024\n",
"max_cores = None # Number of logical cores to use in fitting. None uses all but 2 available cores.\n",
"results_to_new_file = True"
"results_to_new_file = False" #Note that if you set this to True, visualization is unlikely to work!
......@@ -156,9 +156,7 @@
"outputs": [],
"source": [
"input_file_path = sidpy.io.interface_utils.file_dialog(caption='Select translated .h5 file or raw experiment data',\n",
" file_filter='Parameters for raw BE data (*.txt *.mat *xls *.xlsx);; \\\n",
" Translated file (*.h5)')\n",
"input_file_path = 'my_file.h5' #put the path to your file here,
"(data_dir, filename) = os.path.split(input_file_path)\n",
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