Commit dfbb3dfb authored by Rama Vasudevan's avatar Rama Vasudevan
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cycle for loop parameter bug fixed

interactive visualization for loop fit parameters was broken; here we have fixed it (it was an indexing issue)
parent 708b02c3
......@@ -965,13 +965,14 @@ def jupyter_visualize_parameter_maps(h5_loop_parameters, cmap=None, **kwargs):
[pos_dims[0], pos_dims[1], -1])
parameter_map_stack = np.moveaxis(parameter_map_stack, -1, 0)
print('parameter map stack size is ', parameter_map_stack.shape)
fig.suptitle('Maps of Loop Parameter {}'.format(parameter_name))
# Loop over all axes
for icycle, ax_cycle in enumerate(axes[:num_cycles]):
image = ax_cycle.get_images()[0]
image.set_data(parameter_map_stack[:, :, icycle])
image.set_clim(vmin=np.min(parameter_map_stack[:, :, icycle]),
vmax=np.max(parameter_map_stack[:, :, icycle]))
image.set_data(parameter_map_stack[icycle,:, :])
image.set_clim(vmin=np.min(parameter_map_stack[icycle, :, :]),
vmax=np.max(parameter_map_stack[icycle, :, :]))
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