Commit d9b835cb authored by ssomnath's avatar ssomnath
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Added warning about mismatch in dimension and secondary channel files

parent 8c914cbf
......@@ -828,6 +828,15 @@ class BEodfTranslator(Translator):
is_in_out_field = 'Field' in self.h5_raw.spec_dim_labels
if not is_in_out_field and len(aux_file_paths) > 1:
# TODO: Find a better way to handle this
warn('\t\tField was not varied but found more than one file for '
'secondary channel: {}.\n\t\tResults will be overwritten'
''.format([path.split(item)[-1] for item in aux_file_paths]))
elif is_in_out_field and len(aux_file_paths) == 1:
warn('\t\tField was varied but only one data file for secondary'
'channel was found. Half the data will be zeros')
spectral_len = 1
for dim_name, dim_size in zip(self.h5_raw.spec_dim_labels,
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