Commit d7f4944b authored by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith
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Added attributes to Measurement Groups

Added the image_size and scan_size attributes to the Measurement Groups
parent c24d22c6
......@@ -266,6 +266,15 @@ class NDataTranslator(Translator):
num_images = scan_size_x*scan_size_y
num_pixels = usize*vsize
Write these attributes to the Measurement group
new_attrs = {'image_size_u': usize,
'image_size_v': vsize,
'scan_size_x': scan_size_x,
'scan_size_y': scan_size_y}
# Get the Position and Spectroscopic Datasets
ds_spec_ind, ds_spec_vals = build_ind_val_dsets((usize, vsize), is_spectral=True,
labels=['U', 'V'], units=['pixel', 'pixel'])
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