Commit d6799805 authored by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith
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BEPS spectrogram plot fix

Fixed a bug in retrieved the number of UDVS steps from the dataset if it's a new V3 file.
parent d386af09
......@@ -380,10 +380,14 @@ def jupyter_visualize_be_spectrograms(h5_main, cmap=None):
ifreq = int(np.argwhere(spec_labels == 'Frequency'))
freqs_nd = reshape_to_Ndims(h5_spec_vals, h5_spec=h5_spec_inds)[0][ifreq].squeeze()
freqs_2d = freqs_nd.reshape(freqs_nd.shape[0], -1) / 1000 # Convert to kHz
num_udvs_steps = h5_main.parent.parent.attrs['num_udvs_steps']
except KeyError:
num_udvs_steps = 1
num_udvs_steps = h5_main.parent.parent.attrs.get('num_udvs_steps', None)
if num_udvs_steps is None:
num_udvs_steps = h5_main.parent.parent.attrs.get('num_UDVS_steps', None)
if num_udvs_steps is None:
warn('Number of UDVS steps could not be determined. Will assume single step.')
if len(pos_dims) == 2:
spatial_map = np.abs(np.reshape(h5_main[:, 0], pos_dims[::-1]))
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