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......@@ -94,20 +94,6 @@ GUI
Plot Utils
* _add_loop_parameters - is BE specific and should be moved out of plot_utils
* rainbow_plot -
1. pop cmap from kwargs instead of specifying camp as a separate argument.
2. Rename parameters from ax to axis, ao_vec to x_values, ai_vec to y_values.
3. Use same methodology from single_img_cbar_plot to add color bar. You will need to expect the figure handle as well for this.
* plot_line_family -
1. Rename x_axis parameter to something more sensible like x_values
2. Remove c map as one of the arguments. It should come from kwargs
3. Optional color bar (don’t show legend in this case)
* plot_map -combine this with single_img_cbar_plot
* single_img_cbar_plot - It is OK to spend a lot of time on single_img_cbar_plot and plot_map since these will be used HEAVILY for papers.
......@@ -118,11 +104,11 @@ Plot Utils
4. Color bar should be shown by default
* plot_loops
1. Allow excitation_waveform to also be a list - this will allow different x resolutions for each line family.
1. Legend at the bottom
2. Apply appropriate x, y, label font sizes etc. This should look very polished and ready for publications
3. Enable use of kwargs - to specify line widths etc.
4. Ensure that the title is not crammed somewhere behind the subtitles
* Plot_complex_map_stack
......@@ -177,7 +163,6 @@ Plot Utils
3. Don’t allow specification of figure_path here. Save elsewhere
* plot_histograms - not used frequently. Can be ignored for this pass
Examples / Tutorials
External user contributions
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