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Merge pull request #230 from pycroscopy/odf_debug

Patching the LabviewH5Patcher
parents fb124589 5bd44eb2
......@@ -229,7 +229,11 @@ def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_spec_inds, h5_spec_vals,
num_fields = 1 + int(all([targ in field_type for targ in ['in', 'out']]))
dc_off_steps = get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'VS_steps_per_full_cycle')
num_cycles = get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'VS_number_of_cycles')
num_forc_cycles = get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'VS_num_of_FORC_cycles')
num_forc_cycles = get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'VS_num_of_FORC_cycles')
except KeyError:
# This is named differently in some h5 files
num_forc_cycles = get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'VS_num_of_Forc_cycles')
size_dict = {'Frequency': num_freq_bins,
'DC_Offset': dc_off_steps,
......@@ -255,10 +259,14 @@ def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_spec_inds, h5_spec_vals,
is_spec=True, all_dim_names=[dim_name])
std_dim_name = dim_name
if dim_name == 'FORC_Cycle':
std_dim_name = 'FORC'
if verbose:
print(dim_name, len(this_dict[dim_name]), size_dict[dim_name])
print(dim_name, len(this_dict[dim_name]), size_dict[std_dim_name])
if len(this_dict[dim_name]) == size_dict[dim_name]:
if len(this_dict[dim_name]) == size_dict[std_dim_name]:
row_ind += 1
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