Commit cdca0c10 authored by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith
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Fixed bug in visualize_sho_results for AC Mode

Fixed bug in how the AC Amplitude from the Spectroscopic Values was sliced in AC Mode
parent cfe2ed98
......@@ -1342,17 +1342,17 @@ def visualize_sho_results(h5_main, save_plots=True, show_plots=True):
if isBEPS:
meas_type = chan_grp.parent.attrs['VS_mode']
# basically 3 kinds for now - DC/current, AC, UD - lets ignore this
# basically 3 kinds for now - DC/current, AC, UDVS - lets ignore this
if meas_type == 'load user defined VS Wave from file':
warn('Not handling custom experiments for now')
# h5_file.close()
# Plot amplitude and phase maps at one or more UDVS steps
if meas_type == 'AC modulation mode with time reversal':
center = int(h5_spec_vals.shape[1] * 0.5)
ac_vec = np.squeeze(h5_spec_vals[h5_spec_vals.attrs['AC_Amplitude']][0:center])
ac_vec = np.squeeze(h5_spec_vals[h5_spec_vals.attrs['AC_Amplitude']][:, 0:center])
forw_resp = np.squeeze(amp_mat[:, slice(0, center)])
rev_resp = np.squeeze(amp_mat[:, slice(center, None)])
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