Commit caf48b9e authored by syz's avatar syz
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Fixed default argument for single_img_cbar_plot

parent 85d29c25
......@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@ def plot_map(axis, data, stdevs=None, origin='lower', **kwargs):
return im
def single_img_cbar_plot(axis, img, show_xy_ticks=None, show_cbar=True, x_size=1, y_size=1, num_ticks=4,
def single_img_cbar_plot(axis, img, show_xy_ticks=True, show_cbar=True, x_size=1, y_size=1, num_ticks=4,
cbar_label=None, tick_font_size=14, **kwargs):
Plots an image within the given axis with a color bar + label and appropriate X, Y tick labels.
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