Commit b3cc6c9d authored by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith
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Fix for append_pixel_data

Now uses the first entry in unique_waves to get the name for the pixel_data value.
parent ded7a231
......@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ class BEPSndfTranslator(Translator):
self.ds_pixel_start_indx = pixel_ind
h5_refs = self.__initialize_meas_group(self.max_pixels - pixel_ind, current_pixels)
# print('reading Pixel {} of {}'.format(pixel_ind,self.max_pixels))
print('reading Pixel {} of {}'.format(pixel_ind,self.max_pixels))
prev_pixels = current_pixels
......@@ -497,13 +497,15 @@ class BEPSndfTranslator(Translator):
if self.__num_wave_types__ == 1 and not self.halve_udvs_steps:
"""Technically, this will be taken care of in the later (general) part but
since this condition is more common it is worth writing for specifically"""
data_vec = pixel_data[self.__unique_waves__[0]].spectrogram_vec
noise_mat = np.float32(pixel_data[self.__unique_waves__[0]].noise_floor_mat)
zero_pix = self.__unique_waves__[0]
data_vec = pixel_data[zero_pix].spectrogram_vec
noise_mat = np.float32(pixel_data[zero_pix].noise_floor_mat)
# Storing a list of lists since we don't know how many pixels we will find in this measurement group
self.pos_vals_list.append([pixel_data[0].x_value, pixel_data[0].y_value,
self.pos_vals_list.append([pixel_data[zero_pix].x_value, pixel_data[zero_pix].y_value,
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