Commit ae6bd90a authored by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith
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Update to visualize_sho_results

Changed how the Channel group is located to allow for plotting of the rebuilt SHO results.
parent 8563cabd
......@@ -1239,7 +1239,8 @@ def visualize_sho_results(h5_main, save_plots=True, show_plots=True):
basename, _ = os.path.splitext(basename)
sho_grp = h5_main.parent
chan_grp = sho_grp.parent
chan_grp = h5_file['/'.join([1:].split('/')[:2])]
grp_name = '_'.join([1:].split('/'))
grp_name = '_'.join([grp_name,'/')[-1].split('-')[0],'/')[-1]])
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