Commit 9db7c24e authored by Raj Giridharagopal's avatar Raj Giridharagopal
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Minor bug fixes to translator

parent b62cb5b2
......@@ -36,9 +36,11 @@ from .beps_data_generator import FakeBEPSGenerator
from .labview_h5_patcher import LabViewH5Patcher
from .nanonis import NanonisTranslator
from .image import ImageTranslator
from .pifm import PiFMTranslator
__all__ = ['BEodfTranslator', 'BEPSndfTranslator', 'BEodfRelaxationTranslator',
'GIVTranslator', 'GLineTranslator', 'GTuneTranslator', 'GDMTranslator', 'PtychographyTranslator',
'SporcTranslator', 'MovieTranslator', 'IgorIBWTranslator',
'OneViewTranslator', 'NDataTranslator', 'FakeBEPSGenerator',
'LabViewH5Patcher', 'TRKPFMTranslator', 'BrukerAFMTranslator', 'ImageTranslator']
'LabViewH5Patcher', 'TRKPFMTranslator', 'BrukerAFMTranslator', 'ImageTranslator',
'PiFMTranslator', 'NanonisTranslator']
......@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ import numpy as np
from import Translator
from import write_utils
from pyUSID import USIDataset
import pyUSID as usid
import h5py
class PiFMTranslator(Translator):
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