Commit 9d6383a4 authored by Unknown's avatar Unknown
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Image Cleaning notebook bugfix

parent fd1812c2
......@@ -527,11 +527,11 @@
# See if there are existing cluster results
h5_kmeans = h5_svd['U-Cluster_000']
print( 'Clustering results loaded. Will now check parameters')
except Exception:
print( 'Could not load Clustering results.')
do_cluster = True
# Check that the same components are used
if not do_cluster:
......@@ -657,12 +657,10 @@
axes[1].axhline(y=half_wind, color='k')
def _update_motif_img(row, col):
current_center[0] = row
current_center[1] = col
indices = (slice(row - half_wind, row + half_wind),
slice(col - half_wind, col + half_wind))
motif_box.set_x(col - half_wind)
motif_box.set_y(row - half_wind)
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