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......@@ -6,20 +6,13 @@ v 1.0 goals
2. DONE - good utilities for interrogating data - pycro data
3. partially done - good documentation for both users and developers
* Need more on dealing with data + slight improvements to plot_utils tour
* Need more on dealing with data + finish plot_utils tour
* (for developers) explaining what is where and why + io utils + hdf utils tour etc.
4. mostly done - generic visualizer
5. settle on a structure for process and analysis - moderate ~ 1 day
* Model needs to catch up with Process
5. Fitter needs to extend Process - moderate ~ 1 day
6. mostly done - good utils for generating publishable plots - easy ~ 1 day
7. Reorganize package - promote / demote lesser used utilites to processes / analyses.
Short-term goals
* Multi-node compute capability
* More documentation to help users / developers + PAPER
* Cleaned versions of the main modules (Analysis pending) + enough documentation for users and developers
8. Examples within docs for popular functions
......@@ -31,7 +24,7 @@ Fundamental tutorials on how to use pycroscopy
* A tour of what is where and why
* pycroscopy pacakge organization - a short writeup on what is where and differences between the process / analyis submodules
* pycroscopy pacakge organization - a short writeup on what is where and why
* A tour of the hdf_utils functions used for writing h5 files since these functions need data to show / explain them.
* chunking the main dataset
......@@ -57,7 +50,6 @@ Core development
2. (Gracefully) Abort and resume processing.
* consolidate _get_component_slice used in Cluster with duplicate in svd_utils
* Reogranize processing and analysis - promote / demote classes etc.
* Legacy processes **MUST** extend Process:
* Image Windowing
......@@ -66,12 +58,9 @@ Core development
* As time permits, ensure that these can resume processing
* Absorb functionality from Process into Model
* Bayesian GIV should actually be an analysis <-- depends on above
* multi-node computing capability in parallel_compute
* Demystify analyis / optimize. Use parallel_compute instead of optimize and guess_methods and fit_methods
* Consistency in the naming of and placement of attributes (chan or meas group) in all translators - Some put attributes in the measurement level, some in the channel level! hyperspy appears to create datagroups solely for the purpose of organizing metadata in a tree structure!
* Consider developing a generic curve fitting class a la `hyperspy <http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/hyperspy/hyperspy-demos/blob/master/Fitting_tutorial.ipynb>`_
* Improve visualization of file contents in print_tree() like hyperspy's `metadata <http://hyperspy.org/hyperspy-doc/current/user_guide/metadata_structure.html>`_
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