Commit 757c5740 authored by ssomnath's avatar ssomnath
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Turning dummy BE waveform generation into warning instead of print

parent 7a5d0588
......@@ -301,8 +301,8 @@ class BEodfTranslator(Translator):
print('\treading BE arrays from old mat text file')
bin_inds, bin_freqs, bin_FFT, ex_wfm, dc_amp_vec = self._read_old_mat_be_vecs(path_dict['old_mat_parms'], verbose=verbose)
if self._verbose:
print('\tGenerating dummy BE arrays')
warn('No secondary parameters file provided. Generating dummy BE '
band_width = parm_dict['BE_band_width_[Hz]'] * (0.5 - parm_dict['BE_band_edge_trim'])
st_f = parm_dict['BE_center_frequency_[Hz]'] - band_width
en_f = parm_dict['BE_center_frequency_[Hz]'] + band_width
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