Commit 620d3693 authored by Somnath, Suhas's avatar Somnath, Suhas Committed by CompPhysChris
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Correct a swap between rows and columns in BE ODF

parent c62b8de4
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ class BEodfTranslator(Translator):
self.FFT_BE_wave = bin_FFT
ds_pos_ind, ds_pos_val = build_ind_val_dsets([num_rows, num_cols], is_spectral=False,
ds_pos_ind, ds_pos_val = build_ind_val_dsets([num_cols, num_rows], is_spectral=False,
labels=['X', 'Y'], units=['m', 'm'], verbose=verbose)
if isBEPS:
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