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PycroData slicing bugfix

parent 9c449383
......@@ -280,15 +280,17 @@ class PycroDataset(h5py.Dataset):
# Now that the slices are built, we just need to apply them to the data
# This method is slow and memory intensive but shouldn't fail if multiple lists are given.
if len(np.argwhere(pos_slice)) <= len(np.argwhere(spec_slice)):
if len(pos_slice) <= len(spec_slice):
# Fewer final positions that spectra (Most common case)
data_slice = np.atleast_2d(self[pos_slice, :])[:, spec_slice]
data_slice = np.atleast_2d(self[:, spec_slice])[pos_slice, :]
pos_inds = self.h5_pos_inds[pos_slice, :]
spec_inds = self.h5_spec_inds[:, spec_slice].reshape([self.h5_spec_inds.shape[0], -1])
data_slice, success = reshape_to_Ndims(data_slice,
h5_pos=self.h5_pos_inds[pos_slice, :],
h5_spec=self.h5_spec_inds[:, spec_slice])
if as_scalar:
return transformToReal(data_slice), success
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