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OneView Translator bugfix

Fixed storage of parameters to correctly add them to the existing dictionary.
parent 3fe32307
......@@ -184,10 +184,10 @@ class OneViewTranslator(Translator):
Set the Measurement Group attributes
usize, vsize = image.shape
image_parms.attrs['image_size_u'] = usize
image_parms.attrs['image_size_v'] = vsize
image_parms.attrs['translator'] = 'OneView'
image_parms.attrs['num_pixels'] = image.size
image_parms['image_size_u'] = usize
image_parms['image_size_v'] = vsize
image_parms['translator'] = 'OneView'
image_parms['num_pixels'] = image.size
write_simple_attrs(meas_grp, image_parms)
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