Commit 53bcde5e authored by Unknown's avatar Unknown
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plot_image_cleaning_results bugfix

Fixed bug from changes to plot_map.
parent 360a5a28
......@@ -1428,7 +1428,7 @@ def plot_image_cleaning_results(raw_image, clean_image, stdevs=2, heading='Image
for count, ax, image, title, plot_min, plot_max in zip(range(6), axes_clean, plot_data,
plot_names, plot_mins, plot_maxes):
im = plot_map(ax, image, stdevs, **kwargs)
im, im_cbar = plot_map(ax, image, stdevs, show_cbar=False, **kwargs)
im.set_clim(vmin=plot_min, vmax=plot_max)
axes_clean[count].set_title(title, fontsize=plot_args['sub_title_size'])
cbar = axes_clean.cbar_axes[count].colorbar(im)
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