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Explicitely using the datasets and groups as inputs instead of referencing from main

parent e0a8681b
......@@ -170,7 +170,8 @@ def flat_parm_dict_to_nested(parm_dict):
return nest_parm_dict
def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_raw, verbose=False):
def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_spec_inds, h5_spec_vals,
h5_meas_grp, verbose=False):
Removes non-existent spectroscopic dimension name and units from
attributes of spectroscopic datasets.
......@@ -183,8 +184,12 @@ def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_raw, verbose=False):
h5_raw : h5py.Dataset
Dataset containing the raw measurement data
h5_spec_inds : h5py.Dataset
Dataset containing the spectroscopic indices
h5_spec_vals : h5py.Dataset
Dataset containing the spectroscopic values
h5_meas_grp : h5py.Group
Group containing all the parameters for the BE measurement
verbose : bool, optional. Default = False
Whether or not to print statements aiding in debugging
......@@ -192,12 +197,12 @@ def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_raw, verbose=False):
if not isinstance(h5_raw, h5py.Dataset):
raise TypeError('h5_raw should be a h5py.Dataset. Provided object was:'
' {}'.format(type(h5_raw)))
h5_spec_inds = get_auxiliary_datasets(h5_raw, aux_dset_name=['Spectroscopic_Indices'])[0]
h5_spec_vals = get_auxiliary_datasets(h5_raw, aux_dset_name=['Spectroscopic_Values'])[0]
for obj, name, exp_type in zip([h5_spec_inds, h5_spec_vals, h5_meas_grp],
['h5_spec_inds', 'h5_spec_vals', 'h5_meas_grp'],
[h5py.Dataset, h5py.Dataset, h5py.Group]):
if not isinstance(obj, exp_type):
raise TypeError('{} should be a {}. Provided object was: {}'
''.format(name, exp_type, type(obj)))
spec_dim_names = get_attr(h5_spec_inds, 'labels')
spec_dim_units = get_attr(h5_spec_inds, 'units')
......@@ -217,7 +222,7 @@ def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_raw, verbose=False):
'Cannot handle case when more than one dimensions are fake')
# Gather basic parameters for each dimension
h5_meas_grp = h5_raw.parent.parent
# h5_meas_grp = h5_raw.parent.parent
field_type = get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'VS_measure_in_field_loops')
num_freq_bins = int(get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'num_bins') /
get_attr(h5_meas_grp, 'num_UDVS_steps'))
......@@ -264,7 +269,7 @@ def remove_non_exist_spec_dim_labs(h5_raw, verbose=False):
'was in dataset')
if verbose:
print('Writing new attributs to spec dsets')
print('Writing new attributes to spectroscopic datasets')
new_attrs = {'labels': matched_dims, 'units': matched_units}
for h5_dset in [h5_spec_inds, h5_spec_vals]:
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