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......@@ -20,21 +20,28 @@ from .giv_utils import do_bayesian_inference
cap_dtype = np.dtype({'names': ['Forward', 'Reverse'],
'formats': [np.float32, np.float32]})
# TODO : Take lesser used bayesian inference params from kwargs if provided
class GIVBayesian(Process):
def __init__(self, h5_main, ex_freq, gain, num_x_steps=250, r_extra=220, **kwargs):
Applies Bayesian Inference to General Mode IV (G-IV) data to extract the true current
h5_main : h5py.Dataset instance
The dataset over which the analysis will be performed. This dataset should be linked to the spectroscopic
indices and values, and position indices and values datasets.
cores : uint, optional
Default - 1
How many cores to use for the computation
max_mem_mb : uint, optional
How much memory to use for the computation. Default 1024 Mb
h5_main : h5py.Dataset object
Dataset to process
ex_freq : float
Frequency of the excitation waveform
gain : uint
Gain setting on current amplifier (typically 7-9)
num_x_steps : uint (Optional, default = 500)
Number of steps for the inferred results. Note: this may be end up being slightly different from specified.
r_extra : float (Optional, default = 220 [Ohms])
Extra resistance in the RC circuit that will provide correct current and resistance values
kwargs : dict
Other parameters specific to the Process class and nuanced bayesian_inference parameters
super(GIVBayesian, self).__init__(h5_main, **kwargs)
self.gain = gain
......@@ -81,9 +88,7 @@ class GIVBayesian(Process):
def _create_results_datasets(self):
Process specific call that will write the h5 group, guess dataset, corresponding spectroscopic datasets and also
link the guess dataset to the spectroscopic datasets. It is recommended that the ancillary datasets be populated
within this function.
Creates hdf5 datasets and datagroups to hold the resutls
# create all h5 datasets here:
num_pos = self.h5_main.shape[0]
......@@ -160,6 +165,9 @@ class GIVBayesian(Process):
print('Finished linking all datasets!')
def _write_results_chunk(self):
Writes data chunks back to the h5 file
if self.verbose:
print('Started accumulating all results')
......@@ -226,16 +234,16 @@ class GIVBayesian(Process):
def compute(self, *args, **kwargs):
Creates placeholders for the results, applies the inference to the data, and writes the output to the file.
processors: int
number of processors to use. Default all processors on the system except for 1.
h5_results_grp : h5py.Datagroup object
Datagroup containing all the results
......@@ -290,5 +298,4 @@ class GIVBayesian(Process):
if self.verbose:
print('Finished processing the dataset completely')
# return self.h5_cap.parent
return self.h5_results_grp
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