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* For more information about our functions and classes, please see our `API <https://pycroscopy.github.io/pycroscopy/pycroscopy.html>`_
* We have many translators that transform data from popular microscope data formats to pycroscopy compatible .h5 files. We also have `tutorials to get you started on importing your data to pycroscopy <https://pycroscopy.github.io/pycroscopy/auto_examples/tutorial_01_translator.html>`_.
* Details regarding the defention, implementation, and guidelines for pycroscopy's `data format <https://pycroscopy.github.io/pycroscopy/Data_Format.html>`_ for `HDF5 <https://github.com/pycroscopy/pycroscopy/blob/master/docs/Pycroscopy_Data_Formatting.pdf>`_ are also available.
* We are interested in collaborating with industry members to integrate pycroscopy into instrumentation or analysis software and can help in exporting data to pycroscopy compatible .h5 files
* We can work with you to convert your file formats into pycroscopy compatible HDF5 files and help you get started with data analysis.
* If you are interested in contributing and are looking for topics we are / will work on, please look at our `To Do <https://github.com/pycroscopy/pycroscopy/blob/master/ToDo.rst>`_ page
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