Commit 4781185a authored by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith
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Bugfix in read_dm4

Switched image array type from uint to float32
parent 541b99fc
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ def read_dm4(file_path, *args, **kwargs):
x_dim = dm4_file.read_tag_data(image_data_tag.named_subdirs['Dimensions'].unnamed_tags[0])
y_dim = dm4_file.read_tag_data(image_data_tag.named_subdirs['Dimensions'].unnamed_tags[1])
image_array = np.array(dm4_file.read_tag_data(image_tag), dtype=np.uint16)
image_array = np.array(dm4_file.read_tag_data(image_tag), dtype=np.float32)
image_array = np.reshape(image_array, (y_dim, x_dim))
if get_parms:
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