Commit 4301dc19 authored by Unknown's avatar Unknown
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Fixed bug in reshape_to_Ndims

Bug if h5_pos is array of size 1.
parent 58d986dd
......@@ -679,7 +679,7 @@ def reshape_to_Ndims(h5_main, h5_pos=None, h5_spec=None, get_labels=False, verbo
ds_pos = h5_pos[()]
pos_labs = get_attr(h5_pos, 'labels')
elif isinstance(h5_pos, np.ndarray):
ds_pos = h5_pos
ds_pos = np.atleast_2d(h5_pos)
pos_labs = np.array(['Position Dimension {}'.format(ipos) for ipos in range(ds_pos.shape[1])])
raise TypeError('Position Indices must be either h5py.Dataset or None')
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